Comunidad, Apoyo,
Solidaridad y Amistad

Our purpose is to build an organization by and for Latinos that can help by providing cultural and linguistic services that help advance our social and economic equity and wellbeing of our Latino community, while building upon and supporting our strengths and culture. The corporation will create leaders and agents of change to impact local and systematic changes that help build, uplift, and activate our community.

Our goals are to:

Increase and promote healthy lifestyles through mental health awareness, healthy eating, and active living in an environment which promotes inclusion and racial equity while raising up leaders from within the community to continue and expand the mission.

An environment of trust and safety is critical to establishing this new outreach into the Hispanic community. For the past 15 years we have been working to create this welcoming environment and a sense of belonging within our community.


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Assist in ending food poverty

Partner with local organizations to assist in gaining access to and distributing healthy food.

We provide thousands of pounds of food that feed hundreds of families in our community. This food is distributed by and for our community.

Assist in providing healthy activities

Future projects, here's what we are working on:

Assist in improving Mental Health.
Domestic violence, rape, and suicide are higher in the Hispanic Community. Through education and Hispanic-focused resources, we desire to provide an awareness that there is hope and a way out. We will partner with local Hispanic counselors to educate and counsel within the community

Empowering our girls

In an innovative professional initiative that gives our young women of color a rooted in professional development, access and opportunity, mental and physical health & wellness, by exposing and preparing mentees for the careers and opportunities of tomorrow, today. Our programs equip young women with the tools necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our youth

Through our programming, community service, mentorship, and flagship initiatives, Mi CASA Leaderships, we introduce our youth to purposeful exploration that is aligned with their passions and skillsets. We offer career development for our students and interview preparedness through our summer camp employment!

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